SJ Designs is a full service design and home solutions studio. We know how stressful and time-consuming renovating can be on you. We want to help protect your time and energy by removing all of the overwhelming decision making from your plate. 


Since every client and every project is unique, this process may look a bit different for everyone, but this should help give you an idea of what working with SJ Designs will look like. We are happy to help as much or as little as you’d like.

Discovery Call
Every client will begin by scheduling a Discovery Call, where they will upload photos of their space and inspiration for the project. We will discuss your hopes and dreams for the space as well as budget, and how we can best work together to elevate your space.  

After the Discovery Call, we will schedule an in home consultation. This is the time where we will come to your home, get to know you a little better, and come up with a preliminary mood board and bid for your project. This consultation costs $500.

The second part of the consultation includes a second meeting, where we will go over the initial design for your space. This is where we collaborate and work together to figure out what you love, what we need to edit and the next steps.

Pre Construction
This is where we will work with your contractors or subcontractors to pull your design together and take a closer look to see what the cost for your project will be. During this time, we will work together to pick materials which may affect the cost. The goal of this step is to finalize plans that can be submitted to the city, if needed, for construction.  

Design + Rendering
Wether you’re doing construction or not, the design has a massive impact on the cost of your project, especially once materials are accounted for. During this time, we will combine your vision and our expertise to ring the home of your dreams to life. Many clients opt for 3-D renderings which can be helpful in envisioning your space.
3-D Renderings start at $500.

Final Design + Budget Meeting
Once all of the decisions have been made, all of the bids received for work, we sit down with all our samples and spec sheets to make sure all of the details are correct and the bedget is where it should be. After this meeting orders begin to be placed to be sure everything arrives in time for installation. We are able to manage purchasing, receiving, storage and delivery for you if needed. 

Unlike what you see on TV, this process can take a while, but that’s when the fun begins.  

FUN! Wether we are using existing pieces or starting from scratch this part is where, together we decide on the most important pieces of the design. Depending on the timeline for your project, we may order everything at the start of your project or mid-way through. We will keep you posted on lead times.

Install Day
This is the day we will install all of your beautiful furniture complete with accessories. Oftentimes, we do not go through and approve every single accessory with you, instead you get to leave while we set up, and come home to a completely finished space. You get to pick and choose what you love and want to keep throughout the space.

Professional Photography + Videography
Once everything is completely installed, we take photos and video of the space in order to use for our portfolio.

We are out! Hopefully you’re not totally sick of us yet, but this is where we leave so you can enjoy your new beautiful space.

Interior Design $95/Hour
Design Assistant $50/Hour
Handy Man Services $125 First Hour $60/Hour for each additional Hour

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